Five real life examples of Machine Learning

What is machine learning?

Machine learnings is basically a subset of Artificial intelligence which provides a system/machine an ability to learn from the available data and predict an output. In this article we will give you five real life examples where machine learning is used and how we are getting benefited from ML.


1. Email Spam filtering

You might have noticed that some of the mails land up in your spam folder even when you have not set any specific filter to those types of mails. In this Email Spam filtering, sufficient samples are marked as spam and not spam manually or by using the sample data gathered from online sources. Then this data is fed to machine as training data set. These Machines will learn from this data set using algorithms and define a logic or basically a relationship of mails between spam and not spam mails and filter the spam mails before reaching in your mailbox.

You might have noticed that the mails containing data like lucky draw, 100% discount, free coupons, vulgar words etc. always land in spam folder.


2. Online customer support

You might have noticed that some websites use this feature to provide automated response to customers. These websites collect different types of queries from their customers and the response provide by their support executive over the time and use this data to train the machine. So, whenever customer types in any query, these bots provide the automated response based on the logic they have developed during the training phase. Some service-based websites use these bots to engage the customers till the time any human support executive is available.

Some of the websites data and model they have trained with this are so perfect that it is almost impossible to distinguish whether the response was given by a human or by a bot.


3. Product Recommendation

When we search something on ecommerce website or when we purchase from these websites, you might have noticed that these websites show us recommendation. These recommendations are basically a work of trained machine learning model.

These website collects data based on purchase made by different users and this collected data is then fed to a system. By use of algorithms the model gets trained. These trained models come out with a pattern in shopping for a particular type of user or particular type of product. Based on these patterns the model recommends the products to user.


4. Types of Ad shown on YouTube or Social media sites

Suppose you start learning python from online tutorials available in YouTube after going through some videos you will notice that whenever you are watching some other stuffs, YouTube will keep on showing you the ads on paid Python courses available on different websites.

YouTube and social media sites use machine learning to do advertisement to target relevant audience. This helps in increase of sales for the companies, this is the reason every single product launched in market will telecast their ads to these websites so that they can target relevant audiences which can be converted to customers rather than showing ads to random users who are not at all interested.


5. In estimating travel time and fare

We have noticed that the charges for same destination from same pickup point varies over the time of the day. Cab companies decide the fair of the travel based on the demand and availability of cabs in the pickup area as well as the destination area. The request for the ride always lands to the nearest cab, if there are two cabs near to you then the driver with better rating will get the first preference. The estimated time of pickup and ETA for destination are always very close to the prediction made by the app. All these are made possible with the help of machine learning.



There are lot of other real-world examples where machine learning is used to ease our lives. We have limited these examples to five. We hope these examples gave you more clarity about what is machine learning and how this is used by various companies to boost their growth. Please read What is Machine Learning where we have explained Machine learning in more details.

Published : July 27, 2020