Idioms & Phrases with meaning

# Idiom/Phrase Meaning
1 A fair crack of the whip an equal chance to do something // reasonable opportunity to succeed at something // A period of importance
2 To hold something in Leash To restrain
3 To wrangle over an ass's shadow To fight or quarrel over trivial and insignificant matters
4 To play Fast and loose To hurt some body's feeling / to play tricks // Behave irresponsibly or immorally
5 All agog Restless // Very eager or curious to hear or see something
6 To give up the ghost To die
7 To snap one's fingers To be anxious or angry
8 A pipe dream An unattainable or fanciful hope or scheme or plan
9 To stand to one's guns To remain determined, resolute, or steadfast in one's opinion, belief, or perspective
10 To loose one's head lose self-control; panic
11 By the skin of one's teeth by a very narrow margin; only just
12 To throw one's glove to challenge to combat
13 To be an abeyance temporary cessation or suspension // In suspense
14 A chip off the old block someone who resembles their parent in character or appearance // Characteristics of one's ancestors
15 To take people by storm To capture by means of a sudden, overwhelming attack
16 To throw up the sponge To surrender or give up the contest
17 Harp on to talk or complain about something many times
18 To catch somebody on the hop to to catch someone when they are not expecting it
19 To spill the beans reveal secret information unintentionally or indiscreetly
20 To bring one's eggs to a bad market To fail in one's plan because one goes to the wrong people for help