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Quiz Category: Economics

Q. The Reserve Bank of India was nationalised in the year

A. 1935

B. 1969

C. 1949

D. 1980

Correct option is C

Q. Maruti cars are mainly based on

A. Japanese Technology

B. Korean Technology

C. Russian Technology

D. German Technology

Correct option is A

Q. Which among the following policy of Life Insurance Company is related to regular old-age pension?

A. Jivan Kishore

B. Jivan Chhaya

C. Jivan Sanchay

D. None of these

Correct option is D

Q. The decimal system of Indian currency was started in

A. 1950

B. 1955

C. 1957

D. 1960

Correct option is C

Q. Antyodaya Programme is associated with :

A. liberation of bonded labour

B. bringing up cultural revolution in India

C. demands of textile labourers

D. upliftment of the poorest of the poor

Correct option is D

Q. Which of the following is not a necessary condition for the development of India ?

A. Capital Accumulation

B. Resource discovery

C. Population growth

D. Technological develop-ment

Correct option is C

Q. The Indian economy can be most appropriately described as a :

A. Capitalist economy

B. Socialist economy

C. Traditional economy

D. Mixed economy

Correct option is D

Q. The Tarapore Committee recommended that before capital account was made convertible the rate of inflation should be brought down for three years to within :

A. 3.5%

B. 0.3%

C. 4.6%

D. 5.7%

Correct option is A

Q. What is NABARD’s primary role?

A. to provide term loans to state co-operative banks

B. to assist state governments for share capital contribution

C. to act as re-finance institution

D. All of the above

Correct option is D

Q. Under which Act/Policy was the BIFR established ?

A. Industrial Policy of 1980

B. Companies Act

C. Sick Industiral Companies Act


Correct option is C