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Quiz Category: History

Q. Like Vedic Aryans, the custom of Sacrificial-fire was also followed by

A. Romans

B. Greeks

C. Iranians

D. All the above

Correct option is D

Q. Who said, ‘The State exists because crime exists in society, otherwise there would be no need of a State’ ?

A. Herbert Spencer

B. J.S. Mill

C. John Locke

D. Tocqueville

Correct option is A

Q. Who speaks of Cabinet system as “the steering wheel of the ship of state” ?

A. Lowell

B. Muir

C. Marriot

D. Bagehot

Correct option is B

Q. The ‘‘Last Supper’ a famous Renaissance Painting was a master piece of

A. Michael Angelo

B. Titian

C. Leonardo da Vinci

D. Raphael

Correct option is C

Q. What according to Communism is the chief enemy of the society?

A. Private property

B. Religion

C. Surplus value

D. Capitalist class

Correct option is A

Q. Democracy is a “government in which everyone has a share” was the opinion of :

A. Jeovans

B. Seeley

C. Plato

D. Abraham Lincoln

Correct option is B

Q. The development process under Capitalism has been described as “Creative Destruction” by :

A. Schumpeter

B. Karl Marx

C. Hansen

D. J. S. Mill

Correct option is A

Q. When was the League of Nations established ?

A. In 1918

B. In 1920

C. In 1939

D. In 1914

Correct option is B