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Quiz Category: Sports

Q. Free-throw is given in this sport

A. Volley ball

B. Basket ball

C. Badminton

D. Cricket

Correct option is B

Q. Which of the following International Tennis Tournaments is held on grass court?

A. US Open

B. French Open

C. Wimbledon

D. Australian Open

Correct option is C

Q. For which game Tiger Woods is famous ?

A. Basketball

B. Football

C. Golf

D. Pole-vault

Correct option is C

Q. What is width of goal post in the game of football ?

A. 20 feet

B. 22 feet

C. 24 feet

D. 26 feet

Correct option is C

Q. Who is the Tennis star to become World No. 1 seed at the youngest age?

A. Steffi Graf

B. Monica Seles

C. Chris Evert

D. Martina Hingis

Correct option is D

Q. Nine timeWimbledon Champion of Women’s Singles Match in Tennis is :

A. Mary Joe Fernandaz

B. Jana Novotna

C. Iva Majoli

D. Martina Navrotilova

Correct option is D

Q. Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi won two doubles Grand Slams in 1999. Which were they?

A. Australian Open and French Open

B. French Open and Wimbledon

C. Wimbledon and Australian Open

D. U.S. Open and French Open

Correct option is B

Q. Who created a world record for the maximum number of dismissals in Test Cricket as a Wicket Keeper?

A. Alan Knott

B. Rodney Marsh

C. Ian Healy

D. Moin Khan

Correct option is C

Q. Who was the ‘man of the series’ at the four-nation ODI LG Cup, 1999 tournament held at Nairobi?

A. Sourav Ganguli

B. Lance Klusener

C. Lance Gibbs

D. Vijay Bharadwaj

Correct option is B

Q. A winner of three gold and one silver medals at the 1998 Olympics, was a living legend until September 1998 when she died at the young age of 38. Who is this athlete?

A. Dotorez Florence Griffith

B. Florence Griffith Joyner

C. Jackie Joyner Kersee

D. None of the above

Correct option is B